ENTR 37195 International Entrepreneurship - The Italian Perspective

Course Name: ENTR 37195 International Entrepreneurship – The Italian Perspective

Description: Entrepreneurship has become a guiding principle in most successful organizations. Entrepreneurship means more than small business management; it means identifying market opportunities and then marshaling the resources and designing the strategy and organization to capitalize on these opportunities. This definition cuts across types of organizations and industries. The course will focus also on the positive elements and possible threats of the “Creative entrepreneurial business model” (relevant in Italy and other Mediterranean cultures) as opposed to other international business models. One of the key issues of the course is represented by the possibility offered to students to compare different Entrepreneurial business models business model (through a series of conceptual frameworks, cases, guest speakers, field trips and site visits) with the prevalent business models present in the U.S. and have the possibility to integrate the two approaches. Approaching business issues from different perspectives is a key element of success in the current global economic scenario, where integration and blend of different approaches is crucial. The approach in the classroom is based on active learning. This means that what you will learn will be closely connected with its concrete applications. While you will prepare for each class by reading the relevant materials, I will highlight the major points and discuss any areas that seem unclear to you. Your responsibility will be to participate in class discussions, in the group exercises and in the projects. My responsibility is to ensure that you are exposed to the knowledge underlying made in Italy excellence, entrepreneurship, and understand how to use it. I believe that this material can be exciting, lively, and fun. the class will be a combination of lecture/discussion, in-class exercises, out-of-class exercises, case analyses, site visits, presentations and personal reflections. This will provide you with multiple ways to learn about entrepreneurial concepts related to International business excellence, and to demonstrate your capabilities.

Credit hours: 3

Prerequisites: None (open to all majors)