FDM 45592 Italian Study Tour

Course Name: FDM 45592 Italian Study Tour

Description: The course aims to explore and develop a critical awareness on fashion trends in Italy. It focuses on the major centers of Italian fashion business showing and analyzing where the trends are displayed, who are the trendsetters, and how the trends are spread eventually becoming a reality. On-site visits to major Italian fashion centers are a vital component of the course. Places to be explored include: design and fashion houses, small and medium fashion firms, showrooms, fashion archives, ateliers, workshops, private and public museums and collections, art galleries, retail stores, buying offices, and other areas of the fashion industry and Italian art and culture. Visits to art exhibitions will provide a broad idea of the social changes occurring and how artists reflects or anticipate these trends that will then influence fashion. In class introductory lectures give students the tools to face on site visits with a critical approach, follow up meetings based on critical discussions, debates, oral and written reports, presentations allow to share the knowledge. Through seminars professional guest speakers will deepen specific topics of interest.

Credit Hours: 3