Florence Spring 2021 Hybrid Semester

Kent State Florence Spring 2021 Hybrid Semester


The Kent State University Florence Center will host a hybrid semester program for Spring 2021.  This program structure allows students to enroll in Kent State Florence courses with professors from the Florence Center.  The first eight weeks of the semester will be delivered remotely allowing students to begin their coursework from the United States or anywhere in the world.  The second eight weeks of the semester will be delivered in-country at the Kent State Florence Center.  


Kristina Spangler, Education Abroad Advisor
Email: kspangl6@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-7980
Mailing Address: 106 Van Campen Hall, 625 Loop Road, Kent, OH 44242


Classes Begin (remotely)

January 19, 2021

Departure Dates to Florence

March 12-March 13, 2021*

Mandatory Virtual Orientation & Self-Isolation

March 13/14-27/28, 2021

Classes End

April 28, 2021

Final Exams

April 29-May 5, 2021 *No classes occur on May 4, 2021.

Spring Break May 6-May 12, 2021

Departure from Florence

May 13, 2021*

Additional information about departure/arrival and other important term dates will be provided.

*Departure dates are tentative, students should not purchase airfare until they've received instructions from the Office of Global Education.



  • Kent State University applicants must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing.  An admission decision will be made once an application file is complete. Applications will not be considered for admission until all items have been submitted. Some classes may have additional pre-requisites.  Guest students are welcome to apply.  All students can apply for the Florence program here:

Apply Now Button

DEADLINE: November 15, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Non-KSU degree seeking students (guest students) must complete a Guest Student Application, giving you temporary Kent State student status. There is no fee to apply as a guest student.  Once a student has completed the guest student application, students should e-mail Kristina Spangler at kspangl6@kent.edu. Once a student is accepted under guest status, the student can then apply using the above Apply Now link.


ORIENTATION: Before you leave and upon your arrival in Florence, you'll participate in an orientation designed to help you make the most out of your study abroad experience. In orientation, your goals will be to...

  • Orient yourself to the city of Florence.
  • Develop the awareness you need to observe and learn from different cultures.
  • Access the tools you will need to succeed academically, personally, and safely.

THE CAMPUS: Kent State has been educating students in Florence for nearly 50 years. The new academic center is the Palazzo Vettori, a prestigious 15th century building located in the heart of Florence, at the corner of Via Cavour and Via Alfani, next to Piazza del Duomo. According to historian Guido Carocci, the fabric of the building started at the beginning of the 15th century. Its façade proclaims the new ideas of Renaissance architecture based on the use of rustication.
Watch a video of the Grand Opening of the Palazzo Vettori in Spring 2016


You don’t need a particular major to study in Florence, or even any major at all. The self-discovery that takes place during a semester in Florence has been known to inspire undecided or exploratory students with the direction they’ve been looking for.

All majors are welcome at Kent State Florence, and if you plan ahead and work with an advisor, the range of courses offered will keep you progressing toward your degree on schedule. In addition to all levels of Italian language, you’ll find a variety of courses in many disciplines. Course credit is awarded by Kent State University so if you are a Kent State student, there is no need to transfer credits.  If you are not a Kent State student, the credits can be easily transferred.

All courses are taught in English and meet Monday through Thursday.

For detailed information about classes, including course descriptions, refer to the Course Offerings page.


Students are organized through a cohort system.  Cohorts are based off your current major/plan of study.  Being in one cohort does not mean that you will not see students from another cohort.  Some field trips are only offered to certain cohorts.  

The cohorts are as follows:

  • Architecture Undergraduate/Architectural Studies/Construction Management
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business
  • Communications (CCI)
  • Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • Interior Design Undergraduate

STUDY TOURS AND UNIVERSITY SPONSORED FIELD TRIPS: There will be no University sponsored field trips arranged for the Spring 2021 semester.

ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE IN KENT: Residence Services can provide on-campus housing specifically for students who plan to participate in the Florence Spring 2021 hybrid program. For students already living on campus, or those who would move onto campus for the first time in spring, if ultimately the student plans to travel to Florence for the second 8-weeks of the semester, they may submit a petition for contract release and after they officially checkout receive a prorated reimbursement for the remainder of their housing charges in Kent.

ACCOMMODATIONS IN FLORENCE: Traditionally students are housed with up to eight other students in an apartment. For Spring 2021, Kent State will make every effort to lower the maximum occupancy in the apartments. Apartments will be shared with other students, and students are able to submit a roommate request. Apartments will be professionally cleaned prior to the students’ arrival. Professional cleaning supplies will be provided for each apartment so that students may keep their living space clean and sanitized. Students may submit a request for a private apartment; however, this would be an extra expense to the student and availability of private apartments may be limited.

TWO-WEEK SELF ISOLATION UPON ARRIVAL: All students will be required to self-isolate for a period of two-weeks upon their arrival to Florence.  During these two weeks, students will not be permitted to leave self-isolation for any reason.  Courses will continue remotely during this time in addition to daily orientation activities with Florence staff and faculty.  Students may contact the KSU Florence Emergency phone number which is active 24/7 if any concerns arise during the self-isolation period. 

FLIGHT: This program offers the option of joining a group flight if students apply by the application deadline.  While independent travel to Florence is permitted, the group flight option is highly recommended for the Spring 2021 hybrid semester program.

FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Financial aid is available for this program. Students are also encouraged to search and apply for study abroad scholarships.  Education Abroad provides information about using federal financial aid and searching for scholarships


The program fees to participate in the hybrid semester in Florence will be reduced to reflect the above-mentioned program modifications. The estimated program fees will be presented to students within the coming weeks. The program fees will only be assessed to students who ultimately decide to participate in the travel portion of the program. Kent State tuition will still be assessed at its normal rate for Kent Campus courses.

The fees below will be assessed to the Bursar's Account:




Program Fee:


Includes (among other items): administrative costs at Kent and Florence, class materials, Internet access fees, printer fees, international health insurance, housing

Estimated Round Trip Airfare


Only applicable for students participating in the group flight.  Independent travelers will pay for their flight on their own. 

Mandatory Self-Quarantine Fee


Includes 14 nights in a single hotel room and three meals a day.

Academic Course Activities $375-525 Varies depending on Florence cohort
KSU Tuition

KSU Tuition

Tuition rates will vary based on your residency and tuition-guarantee cohort rate.  Please visit the Kent State Bursar's Office for the most up-to-date tuition rates for students who are not in a tuition guarantee and tuition rates for the tuition guarantee cohorts.

Total Payable to KSU Bursar

$5,885-$6,035+ KSU Tuition


Cost Considerations:

  • These estimated costs do not include food
  • These estimates are unique to the Spring 2021 hybrid semester in Florence and are not valid for future semesters
  • Most Kent State University scholarships will apply to related fees of study abroad costs and federal financial aid will apply. For non-KSU students, contact your university's financial aid office.
  • Please remember to apply early if you are planning to use financial aid or loans.