GRA x KSU Summer Steam Academy


June 30 – July 27  

*Must be 12 years old by July 1, 2019 to apply.

Experience a summer exploring the concepts of aerial engineering and robotics. Hands-on discovery and creation of robots and drones are just a few of the topics covered to let each camper's inner inventor escape! Campers will also learn about coding as they build and design their own website. Afternoon activities alongside trips to science centers in Pennsylvania and Ohio keep each two-week session action packed!

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Throughout two-week sessions, campers will build, fly, and code their own robots and drones. After completing their drones and robots, campers will design a website to bring their creations to market!

In conjunction with Grand River Academy, Kent State has developed a STEAM program that allows campers to interact with the cutting-edge technology being used in their Architecture and Environmental Science Departments!


Earn credit in a specific subject while your son takes the opportunity to focus on academic enrichment or recovery in one topic outside of the traditional school year. During the summer academic camp, boys show mastery of their class through projects for high school credit. Classes focus on educating boys how they learn best while promoting leadership and character development throughout the four-week camp!

What is GRA?

GRAND RIVER ACADEMY is a college preparatory boarding and day school that helps young men activate their academic, emotional, and social potential and prepares them for lifelong success. 

Grand River Academy’s all-boys environment allows our program to be designed specifically for young men to be successful. Our Faculty and staff understand how to connect with boys and provide the necessary support to maximize each students’ potential. Our Faculty encourages personal growth and works closely with students to help set realistic and attainable goals throughout the school year. 


Our student life program engages students after classes with meaningful real-world discussions, friendly competitions, and purposeful life-skill development. 

Kent State University and Grand River Academy make social and emotional learning a priority in our students’ lives. Our student life program works to educate and grow the young men who come through our doors. We spend time having age-tailored conversations about topics ranging from self-care and drugs to alcohol and peer pressure, healthy relationships, and much more. 

In addition to these life lessons, KSU & GRA also encourages students to have fun in our student life program! Our Eagle Cup is a year-long competition between teams comprised of students, Faculty, and staff. Our community competes in events that are athletic, artistic, or STEAM related. Points are accumulated throughout the year with the final winners receiving the Eagle Cup trophy, prizes, and bragging rights through the next year! 



During free time, students are often found playing volleyball in the quad, basketball in the gym, or enjoying a spontaneous party in one of the dorms. Our young men also enjoy the Bud Field Student Center: a building on campus with ping-pong and pool tables, a media room, arcade games, a music room, and a recording studio. Andy’s Café is a popular place in the Center that serves snacks and beverages after classes and dinner. 

We offer multiple off-campus opportunities to our students every weekend. Trips to movie theaters, malls, restaurants, paintball, ski/snowboard resorts, Cedar Point Amusement Park, and Lake Erie are just a few of the many off-campus adventures taken throughout the school year. Students are also able to stay on campus in the dorms, student center, or gym on the weekends. 


The key to an all-boys boarding school is having teachers who understand the best instructional methods for engaging the male mind. 

At summer STEAM academy, we provide an individualized education plan to meet the needs of each student. With small class sizes and a student-centered approach, teachers are able to use different strategies to get the most out of all their students. 

While not every young man learns the same way, there is enough research to understand what techniques are most effective in an all-boys classroom. Teachers at KSU & GRA incorporate these strategies every day in the classroom. Our classes utilize project-based learning strategies to help students understand the material while being engaged in the lesson. 

Fundamental components of our academic program are mindfulness and active learning. These techniques help boys focus and process information more effectively than a traditional classroom setting. 



We offer opportunities for students to explore areas of interest both in and outside of the classroom.

Daily Advisor Communication We pair every student with two Faculty and staff advisors for the duration of the time they attend GRA. Each advisory group consists of three or four students. Students eat breakfast and lunch every weekday in their advisory groups and meet multiple times a week to review academic performance and set goals. Advisors also provide updates to each student’s parent or guardian weekly to build a support system to help each student reach his goals and meet his potential. 

Summer at GRA X KSU STEAM Academy offers a four-week STEAM-focused summer camp for boys entering 6th-12th grade. Our Summer Academy features a hands-on project that lasts the duration of the camp. Students create, market, and launch their own rockets! This project-based camp allows students to explore all areas of business by creating a product and bringing it to market on their own website. Students learn about coding, design, robotics, and more in their action-packed four-weeks at camp!



GRA INTENSIVES Grand River Academy’s INTENSIVES provide students with the opportunity to learn and collectively create experiential courses with GRA Faculty. Students gain credit for these two-week courses specifically designed for immersion into a given educational topic or experience. Course examples include Culture Study and Foreign Travel, Psychology of Sports, Entrepreneurship, and many others!

International Student Program International students play an important role in this program. Their experiences from around the world, added to our domestic diversity, make the campus a wonderful place to live and learn. GRA supports international students of varying English proficiencies with three levels of classes in our ELL program. International students also participate in our English Speaking Partner Program where each student is paired up with a domestic peer. Together they participate in activities throughout the year, helping international students transition to life at GRA.


Foundations of Learning Program 

The Foundations of Learning Program helps aspiring learners comprehend and then verbalize their individual learning strengths and preferences. Whether a validation or an inspiration, our goal is to empower students to articulate and apply their learning tools in becoming lifelong learners.

The Foundations of Learning Program is a credited elective course which builds the foundation for academic success through comprehensive educational support. Daily sessions are designed to promote independent learning through individualized instruction that emphasizes organizational skills, time management, and self-advocacy.

The Foundations of Learning Program assists with: - Reading comprehension - Study skills - Executive Functioning Disorder - Organizational skills - Note-taking strategies - Test preparation, test-taking strategies, and testing accommodations - Time management



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STEAM Schedule

Money - Thursday @ Grand River Academy

7:30 AM                        Wake Up

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM      STEAM ACADEMY

3:15 PM - 5:45 PM       Afternoon Activities or Athletics

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM       Dinner

6:45 PM - 8:15 PM       Off-Campus or Group Activities

8:30 PM - 10:30 PM     Study Hall, Lights Out 

KSU Field Day Schedule          Friday @ Kent State - Main Campus


July 5 @ KSU

July 12 @ KSU

July 19 @ KSU

July 26 @ KSU

9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Engineering / Computer Science Class

Engineering / Computer Science Class

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab

12:00 PM -1:00 PM


1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Architecture Class

1:00-2:30 Campus Tour



Architecture Class

Closing Ceremony



$5,500 - All inclusive 4-week cost. One Session for 2 weeks will be $3,000.

Includes tuition, room and board, school supplies, laundry, and all activities.

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