HDFS 42092 Love, Marriage, and Family: Florence

Course Name:  HDFS 42092 Love, Marriage, and Family: Florence 

Course Description: The course explores the concepts of love, marriage, and family of Florence and Tuscany using the city as our classroom. In this course, we’ll explore how historical family honor, rituals, culture, and social context continue to influence the modern Florentine family. Students will engage in naturalistic observation of modern Florentine couples and families and explore historic family honor and power through art and fashion. We’ll work to identify family rituals and traditions passed down from the Roman empire at Roman ruins and explore how modern policies and culture influence love, relationships, and family. In short, we want to understand what makes the modern Florentine family and understand how those families function.

Note: This course is offered through the Stark Campus.  Students who enroll in this course will pay the Stark Campus tuition rate per credit hour. 

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None