HIST 49195/59195/79195 Fascism and the Politics of Extremism

Course Name: HIST 49195/59195/79195 Fascism and the Politics of Extremism 

Description: This course examines the theories and practices of fascist movements and regimes in Europe.  In order to understand this pivotal episode in the history of the twentieth century, we will examine fascism from a variety of perspectives.  While we will attempt to cover the most important European countries that experienced fascism – and take advantage of local and regional sites of fascism history – the course is organized thematically instead of geographically.  We will seek to uncover the political, cultural and social dimensions of fascism by considering a broad range of questions, such as: the definitions and origins of fascism; the social roots of fascist movements; issues of resistance and accommodation; attitudes toward gender and class; fascism as imperialism and racism; fascism and the Holocaust; and the religious dimensions of fascism.  Class-room discussion and analysis will be interwoven with experiential learning via walking tours in Florence that highlight sites of fascist (and anti-fascist) history and memory.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None