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Global JAM Basketball

Rec Center
TIME:  1:00 to 7:00 pm

Join us for all the fun, excitement and athleticism as the Office of Global Education hosts Kent State's first Global JAM Basketball Tournament. International student teams will compete for the Global JAM Championship in a series of elimination round match-ups leading to the winner-take-all championship game. It's March Madness all in one place, all in one afternoon. The Tournament is free and open to all to attend. Cheer your favorite team on to the championship.

The GlobalJam Basketball Tournament will be played in 3 rounds:
  • Conference Round: All four teams in the conference will play each other in head-to-head competition (3 games each) with the top two teams (in terms of wins) advancing to the Semifinal Round.
  • Semifinal Round: The first place team from each conference will play the second place team from the opposite conference.
  • Championships Round: The two winners of the Semifianl Round will face each other in a winner-take-all championship.

All games will consist of two 7-minute halves with a 1-minute intermission between halves. If a game ends in a tie, a 4-minute overtime period will be played.

Conference Round: Match-Ups

Global Conference

  • China versus Saudia Arabia
  • Iraq versus Global Citizens
  • China versus Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia versus Global Citizens
  • China versus Global Citizens
  • Iraq versus Saudi Arabia

International Conference

  • India versus USA
  • Brazil versus ILEP
  • India versus Brazil
  • USA versus ILEP
  • India versus ILEP
  • USA versus Brazil

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