JMC 40009 / COMM 45091 Comparative Media System

Course Name: JMC 40009 / COMM 45091 Comparative Media System

Description: Comparative Media is an interdisciplinary field of study dealing with the relevance of media, the so-called “old” media as well as the “new” ones, in contemporary society. The comparative method helps to recognize and clarify similarities and differences among specific media, historical periods, disciplines and perspectives. Comparative Media underlines social and cultural dimensions of the meaning and the use of technologies: each medium is analyzed as a technology, a ‘cultural form’, and as a part of a system (media system). The pervasive presence of the media in our everyday life will be critically discussed comparing the European (Italian) situation and the American one, trying to underline the most significant differences in terms of media systems, by the detailed analysis of some specific media with particular reference to the Internet. The context in which they operate will be outlined together with the influence they exercise in contemporary life. Classical theories will be presented together with a wide range of examples and audiovisual materials.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Open to all students.