Kent Indian Association

Kent Indian Association (KIA) Helps New Students Find a Home Away from Home at Kent State

No matter where you are from, the transition to college is an exciting, yet frightening, experience. For our international students, this transition is more than moving a few hours from family. Our international students work hard to adjust to American culture, make connections, and prepare for their education here in the States. To assist their efforts, numerous groups and associations are available at Kent State to make that transition just a little bit easier.

One student organization that has played an essential role in supporting international student on the Kent campus is the Kent Indian Association (KIA). The purpose of Kent Indian Association is to promote the Indian culture and improvise the integrity amongst the Indian student body here at Kent State University. The association coordinates and promotes numerous activities, programs, and fund-raising events, which celebrate Indian culture and help make Kent State feel like home to the more than 1,000 Indian students in attendance.

The current President, Ashwin Maniyan, was elected in September 2016. He is an MBA student with a concentration in Marketing.

From organizing events, to offering students a ride from the airport to campus upon arrival, the Kent Indian Association is entirely dedicated to helping fellow students. The association is constantly setting up activities to make Indian students feel connected to their home country while immersing themselves in American culture.  

Each year, the KIA puts on large events for the both the Holi and Diwali festivals. The Holi festival is celebrated in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna, a Hindu deity. The festivities officially begin in spring, with Holi celebrated as festival of colors. The association is currently planning for the event, which is scheduled for later this spring semester. As a result of the event, the association ensures that students are able to celebrate this wonderful festival as they would have back home. This year, more than 500 domestic and international students are expected to attend. Meanwhile last fall, the association hosted a festival for the students for Diwali with songs, dances, food and presentations. The event was a huge success with 550 students and faculty from different countries attending. Dr. Shay Little, former Vice President Division of Student Affairs was the chief guest for the event. The event kicked off International Education Week at Kent State University.

  • To see photos from a previous fall's Diwali festival, click here.

With over fifteen-hundred members involved, the Kent Indian Association is a wonderful example of the great things happening here at Kent State. Kent State is committed to making the college experience for international students as welcoming and fulfilling as possible. We would like to thank the hard working students that put organizations like KIA together. Students like you make us, Undeniably Kent State.

A personal quote from the KIA, "Kent Indian Association is one big family that brings Indian students together and makes them feel home away from home."

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