Kent State Direct Enroll

With a direct enroll program, you can enroll in one of Kent State's partner institutions for a summer, semester, or academic year while earning credit toward your Kent State degree. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Several of our direct enroll programs offer experiential learning opportunities or internships. Whether you are completing your student teaching hours in Ecuador or interning with an NGO in Switzerland, opportunities offered by direct enroll programs can help you learn intercultural communication skills, gain a different perspective on your host community and culture, and develop skills that will set you apart in the job search.

Financial Aid and Direct Enroll Programs

With a direct enroll program, you will be paying your host university's tuition amount, which may be more or less than what you pay at Kent State. However, the tuition cost will still be billed to your Kent State student account, enabling you to use your applicable financial aid and scholarships.

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