Kent State Florence International Institute

Your Window to the World
July 7th - August 4th, 2019

Dankook Students at Florence
The Florence International Institute at Kent State University in Italy offers participants the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian art, history, and culture while in a classroom comprised of students from universities around the world.

Students will receive the very best liberal arts-style instruction typically associated with higher education in the United States while being able to enjoy the many benefits of the Italian humanistic intellectual tradition.

This innovative institute features internationally recognized, world-renowned experts not only from KSU Florence but from many other prestigious universities including Yale University, University of California – Davis, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná in Brazil. Students who attend this program will develop a comprehensive knowledge of their specific course material to benefit their long-term academic, professional, personal success. The courses available at the institute represent a multitude of disciplines and are all aimed—regardless of their specific subject matter—at helping students to expand their global mindset and cultural competency within the context of a newfound understanding of Italian culture and history.

Read about Life in Florence to learn about fun activities the city offers as well as the history of the historic buildings of the Kent State Florence campus.

Apply online

NON-KSU STUDENTS must complete a Guest Student Application, giving you temporary Kent State student status, and a Transcript Release Authorization, so a transcript will automatically be sent to your home institution. Both are simple forms, and there is no fee for either.

Program Highlights

 ► A United States education in an Italian context;
 ► Improve academic writing and research;
 ► Learn from world-class faculty from around the globe including Yale University, University of California - Davis, Pontifical Catholic University.

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