International Student Profile: Meet Tuan Kiet, Trinh

Tuan Kiet, Kent State Undergraduate Student
International student Tuan Kiet, Trinh, originally from Vietnam, is studying chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry/pre-pharmacy at Kent State University. 

Kiet originally chose to study in the U.S. because he wanted to experience its superior educational system and to have the opportunity to put his theoretical knowledge to practice. Kent State was the perfect fit. He was attracted by opportunities to engage in undergraduate research, the care that Kent State shows for its international students, and opportunities for international students to get scholarships during their time here. After studying for two years at Kent State, Kiet has fallen in love with it, participating actively in his major and undergraduate research opportunities, getting involved in different student organizations, and working on campus with International Admissions. 

An undergraduate student now, Kiet would eventually like to pursue a doctoral degree and become a clinical pharmacist. His education at Kent State is preparing him well for this. He has been able to gain knowledge in biology, chemistry, and general liberal arts. Kiet has especially enjoyed his Organic Chemistry I course with Dr. Leslie this semester and the opportunity to study organic compounds, learning about their structural architecture, properties, reactions and interactions. In addition, Kiet has been able to participate in research opportunities in Drug Discovery at Dr. Huang Songping’s group and is currently working on research to discover new therapeutic agents for cancer and bacterial infection treatments. 

Complementing his coursework, student organizations have helped Kiet strengthen his knowledge of chemistry as a field. Kiet is an Executive Board Assistant of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, an organization which provides him with opportunities to interact with other students, alumni, faculty, and professionals in the industry through group meetings and chemical demonstrations. This student organization has helped Kiet learn more about applying for graduate school, explore undergraduate research opportunities, and expand his network of contacts in the field. 

Kiet is further involved on campus as an Officer for the Vietnamese Student Association, the Marketing and Public Relations Director for the China Friends organization, and an International Orientation Leader. His favorite part about these organizations is that when he needs a break from the stress of studying, he is able to interact with peers, engage with the community, and get to know the U.S. better. 

Kiet has also been able to work on campus with the Office of Global Education in International Admissions. Kiet’s work involves evaluating credentials, answering inquiries from applicants, and performing research. He has enjoyed working with the admissions counselors and learning more about professional etiquette in the U.S. Kiet believes these experiences and the skills he has gained will be very helpful in his future career.

Overall, Kiet’s experience as a student at Kent State has allowed him to grow in several ways. Through his major and research, he has been able to work in excellent facilities and strengthen his research skills. With his involvement with the Office of Global Education, Kiet has also enjoyed opportunities to learn about a variety of cultures with events such as Cultural Cafes and Global Conversation Partners. Additionally, with his positive interactions with faculty and staff, he has become more confident as he pursues his academic and professional goals. 

Kiet’s advice for you if you are interested in studying at Kent State is to believe in yourself, pursue your goals, and to stay focused on those goals throughout your time at the university. He also encourages you to ask questions when you need help, because there are supports at Kent State to help you! #FlashesTakeCareOfFlashes

POSTED: Friday, April 23, 2021 11:28 AM
Updated: Thursday, December 8, 2022 11:46 AM