Partner Student Testimonials

Luiza Figueiró Fernatto

Luiza Figueiró Fernatto, Fashion Design Student

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil

"The words study abroad and cultural experience doesn't describe how amazing is the opportunity to enter in a university in another country. When I first thought about study in Kent State University I already knew that this was a great University, but  coming here made me realize that they are not just interest in make you learn the specific subjects for your major, they are encouraging you to be the best that you can. They try to make you feel like home away from home, in a place that you can learn and make new friends, travel and get closer to the community, play sports and have fun in the several events that they promote. It's defiantly an amazing and overwhelming experience".


Gaoyang Lu

Gaoyang Lu, Masters of Economics Student 

Sichuan University, China

"It is an amazing experience to study in Kent State University. The campus is so beautiful. When I go to class, I was walking through woods with squirrels. Professors here are so nice to help. Classmates from all over the world bring me new thoughts from different cultures. I made many good friends here and I had a lot of fun by taking part in different kinds of activities and events held during local festivals such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. In short, KSU is a very good place both for study and having fun!"


Leah Fyffe, Exchange Student

Leah Fyffe, Exchange Student

University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, U.K.

"My time at Kent State University as an exchange student has been an amazing experience. One of the highlights for me is definitely the friendships that I have formed during my time here.  Not only have I been able to make many American friends, but I have also formed friendships with other exchange students as we immersed ourselves in Kent State life.  I really have made friends for life"



Anna Aho-Pynttäri

 Anna Aho-Pynttäri, Exchange Student

University of Lapland, Finland

"Kent is an idyllic little village next to the massive campus of Kent State. It's wonderful to see how small businesses thrive because all of the students here. My home University is the opposite, the city of Rovaniemi is bigger but the campus of Lapland University is very compact. One of the best things in the University life here has been the events organized every now and then, such as President Obamas visit (on left).

The election year brings some extra excitement to my exchange year, what could be more entertaining than following the dramatic campaigns! In the end I want to mention one of my favorite places, the recreational center. The modern gym equipment, excellent service and swimming pools where you can go relax after a workout make at least me eagerly hop on Parta bus after a hard day's work and head there."


Tatjana Koskowezki

Tatjana Koskowezki, Exchange Student  

University of Wurzburg, Germany

"My first experience with Kent State University started with the interaction through emails with my advisors from Kent State University. I am very glad that everyone was very helpful and very friendly. Everyone was concerned about helping me through the application and paper work progress. Also when I arrived, there was someone at the airport to pick up international students. This meant a lot to us all, because it showed how much International students means to the Kent State University.
My other experience was about getting my schedule for the classes together. It was difficult to understand how this first works, but my advisor Amber Bollinger helped me again. What I really appreciated. As soon as the classes started I had to adjust to find the buildings. Even using the map they gave us at the orientation week, I got lost a lot. But again, people here were so friendly that I could just ask and helped me to walk to my buildings. The first semester was in general harder to get used to, because the school system is so different In comparison to the German school system. Here you had assignments and online homework and the exams were mostly divided into three or four exams (depended on the class)."

Taro Ouchi

Taro Ouchi, Exchange Student

Rikkyo University, Japan

"My experiences in Kent State University are full of excitement, challenge, and wonderfulness. In the environment where so many things are quite new, I can learn not just what I study in the class but lessons about life, something that I had never known. They contribute to the expansion of my point of view. And I love seeing my friends. They are amazing. Hanging out with them is quite spontaneous and lots of fun.  I love it here!!"