POL 30810 Politics of Global Economy

Course Name: POL 30810 Politics of Global Economy

Description: International political economy (IPE) is the study of the simultaneous existence and interaction of states, markets and social forces at the global level of analysis. This course is an examination of the politics of international economic relations focusing on both state and non-state actors. Liberal, realist, and critical theories
of political economy are examined and applied to several issues. Issues the course will explore include: the politics of markets, trade, dependency, interdependence, direct foreign investment, multinational corporations, globalization, international economic institutions. The course will help students understanding the major theories of IPE and presenting well-informed answers to some of today’s most important policy questions. Constructively critique a recent popular account of globalization. In addition, in this class students will acquire empirical knowledge about the global economy (learn how it is set up and how it works; compare and adjudicate among different explanations of outcomes in the global political economy; recognize and discuss implications of different arrangements of political institutions such as the WTO or other trade and finance rules. The course will address several central topic for the contemporary global economic and political order such as the recent global financial crisis and the Chinese economic rise.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: POL 10300 or POL 10500

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