POL How to be a Renaissance Boss in the Modern World

Course Name: POL How to be a Renaissance Boss in the Modern World

Description: Have you ever heard the term “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” and the small world phenomenon? What is it that the Medici in Renaissance Florence, Goldman Sachs, or nongovernmental organizations have in common? In our complex, globalized world networks represent enormous political power. This course explores how Florence’s fractious political history can teach us a great deal about social networks. Network connections today enable a creative, new kind of global citizen who participates and influences through NGOs like Addiopizzo to beat the Italian Maffia, takes business to the next level through crowdfunding like Kickstarter, or participates in the sharing economy using Uber or Airbnb. This course will help you discover how everything is connected to everything else.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites:  None