POL/HIST 38195 War and Peace: Italy's Historical Role in NATO and EU Security

Course Name:  POL/HIST 38195 War and Peace: Italy's Historical Role in NATO and EU Security 

Course Description:

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which was formed originally as an Alliance between the United States, Canada, and ten European states to create a collective defense against the Soviet Union in 1949. Italy was one of the original members of NATO. The Alliance has endured the end of the Soviet Union and in the 1990s NATO expanded to include many former Eastern bloc nations. NATO also took its first non-UN authorized military intervention in the former Yugoslavia during this period. Since the 2000s, NATO has expanded to a current 29 members, and military activities brought NATO forces to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. This course will examine the history of NATO as it relates to Italy, the Cold War, the relations between NATO and the European Union, and Italy’s contribution to collective security. Special attention will be given to Italy’s key role in NATO’s southern strategy towards Mediterranean security and Italy’s response to the Mediterranean migration flows from sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. Guest lecturers will include Italian and other European experts on NATO and EU security issues and politics. This course will be beneficial to students interested in international and DC-based internships, along with students interested in future employment in governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Associate Professor Timothy Scarnecchia is the Director of Kent State University’s Center for NATO and EU Studies. He is a specialist in African history. He is currently interested in NATO and Italian military strategies around Italian and EU border security and activities in Africa.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: TBD