Practicum in European Media

Course Name: Practicum in European Media

Description: Practicum in European Media is a course characterized by the co-existence of theory and practice and the balance between the two. The theoretical aspect of the course has the purpose of providing information about general basics of film language, film history, and the history of documentaries. It will give the students the tools for being able to talk about ideas in terms of film language, through the analysis of existing documentaries and exercises shot by the students themselves. Without a good theoretical base, it would be difficult to find the right kind of themes, voices, styles and development. The practical aspect of the course is focused solely on teaching the students the use of technical equipment including still-cameras, video-cameras, lights, audio tools and post-production software. The course will be focused mainly on European Documentaries as a way of teaching the thematic and political difference between the cultures of the two continents. The combination of the theoretical and practical aspects will generate a solid base for the micro-production of well though-out documentaries, which the students will develop, shoot, edit and screen.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None