Program Costs

The cost for your participation in the Florence Semester will include the following items.

 Item Cost Note
Program Fee $2,600 Includes (among other items): administrative costs at Kent and Florence, class materials, Internet access fees, printer fees and student services
Round Trip Airfare $1,650 (estimate) Only applicable for students participating in the group flight.  Independent travelers will pay for their flight on their own.
International Health Insurance $275  
KSU Tuition 2022-2023* KSU Tuition Tuition rates will vary based on your tuition-guarantee cohort rate.  Please visit the Kent State Bursar's Office for the most up-to-date tuition rates for students who are not in a tuition guarantee and tuition rates for the tuition guarantee cohorts. You can review the Kent State University Cost of Attendance information here.
Housing $3,400 (estimate) Housing information
Field Trips $550-$2,500 (estimate) Includes lodging and transportation.  Actual costs depend upon the specific academic cohort in which you are enrolled in Florence.
Total Payable to KSU Bursar

$8,475-$10,425 + KSU Tuition


Here are a few things to keep in mind while you look over the program costs.

  • These costs do not include food, textbooks, travel to group flight departure points, and other incidentals.
  • These estimates are not guaranteed for future semesters.
  • Most Kent State University scholarships will apply to study abroad costs and federal financial aid will apply.  Non-KSU students, contact your university's financial aid office for information.
  • Please remember to apply early if you are planning to use financial aid or loans.
  • You will be billed by the Kent State University Bursar for the items listed above (excluding airfare if you fly independently).  A three-payment plan is available.
  • When budgeting, take into account what optional independent travel around Europe you might want to do.