PSYC 41495 Body Image in the 21st Century

Course Name: PSYC 41495 Body Image in the 21st Century 

Description: This course will explore in depth the construct of body image, the mental image and evaluation of one’s appearance, in men and women. We will discuss the historical evolution of the ideal body image; the role of sociocultural factors (including the media and fashion industry) and parents/peers in the development of body image; and body image and eating disorders, obesity, and health. In particular, and where appropriate, we will examine body image and related topics from a cross-cultural perspective.  We will take advantage of opportunities outside the classroom.  We will plan to visit one of Florence’s famous art galleries, to trace the evolution of the body ideal through art; investigate evidence of sociocultural influences on body image; incorporate historical/religious perspectives on disorders, such as anorexia nervosa; and, where possible, draw on local perspectives on some of these topics. 

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None