Silvia Ranfagni

Silvia Ranfagni is the Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Florence. She earned her Laurea in Economics at the University of Florence and received a Ph.D. at the University of Parma. Teaching is her passion. Her aim is the transfer of knowledge by creating motivation and curiosity in students. She teaches Marketing and Arts Marketing at the University of Florence and has taught at the Bocconi University and the Business School of Stockholm. In 2013 she joined the College of Business at Kent State University's Florence campus, teaching International Marketing. Prof. Ranfagni has participated in international marketing conferences (AIMAC, EMAC, Marketing Trends Conference) and has published in Italian (Finance, Marketing and Production; Micro and Macro Marketing) and international journals (Arts Marketing, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, Management Decision, European Journal of Marketing). Her research interests include innovation, internationalization and brand management with special reference to the fashion and cultural industry. Now Silvia Ranfagni lives in Florence. She loves the countryside, mountains and dogs. Her interests are cinema, music and art; her principal hobbies are tennis, trekking and jogging.

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