Walk in the U.S., Talk in Japan Forum

Ambassador Shuji Shimokoji, Former Ambassador of Japan
Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan–U.S. Relations

Ambassador Shuji ShimokojiJoin us for a unique opportunity to meet Ambassador Shuji Shimokoji and his team of panelists in a stimulating dialogue on regional and global Japan-related issues, then continue the conversation over refreshments. This event is sponsored by Japan’s Office of the Prime Minister and is open to everyone.

  • Kent Student Center, Room 306 (ABC)
  • Kent State University
  • Thursday, March 17, 2016
  • 3:00 to 5:00 pm

No registration necessary. Parking is available at the visitor’s lot in front of the Student Center on Summit Street for a maximum of $6.

The goal of “Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan” is to increase awareness about Japan in the United States on a variety of issues and further develop the US–Japan relationship through people-to-people diplomacy. Supported by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, teams of Japanese citizens of various backgrounds, led by former, high-ranking Japanese diplomats, travel to the US to share their perspectives and encourage open discussions with local communities. The panel will be presented in English.

This team will be led by the Honorable Shuji Shimokoji, former Ambassador of Japan to Panama and Venezuela. It will include a retired businessman from the auto industry, a young CEO/owner of a travel company, a retired Air Force General in Japan’s Ministry of Defense, and a Shizuoka University student—all ready to discuss Japanese society, business, education, security, politics and economy. This is designed to be a two-way dialogue. Your questions and views are most welcome.

This program is co-organized by Kent State University and the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit. For more information, contact:

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