Transfer SEVIS Record

Once you have gained admission to Kent State University, you should also transfer your SEVIS record. You must transfer your SEVIS record from the school you are transferring out of to Kent State University. 

Step 1. Notify your current or former school that you need to perform a SEVIS record transfer. You may need to provide the following information to your current or former DSO (Designated School Official):

Step 2. Identify a SEVIS transfer release date. Work with your current or former DSO to identify the best date to have your SEVIS record transferred to Kent State University. 

  • Inform your advisor if you have plans to leave the United States, or are currently out of the United States, as this may impact your transfer release date.

Step 3.  Complete the SEVIS Transfer-In Request Form. Transfer-In Request Form

Step 4. Once your SEVIS record has been released to Kent State University AND all necessary application documents have been received, your "Transfer Pending I-20" will be created. An ISSS advisor will email you to confirm the mailing address of where you would like to have your documents shipped.