Travel Tips | Office of Global Education | Kent State University
Documents to carry with you:
  • I-20/DS-2019 (recommended travel signature dates in the last 6 months)
  • Valid Passport (valid for 6 months into the future date of re-entry)
  • Valid US Visa (exceptions to Canada/Mexico/Islands for 30 days or less)
  • Recommended: Carry proof of enrollment/course registration
  • If on OPT- also carry your EAD card and proof of employment
  • If you changed your immigration status while in the US, carry your approval notice (I-797)

To obtain travel signatures on your I-20/DS-2019, bring documents to OIA at least 1 week before you depart.

  • Check to see if the country(ies) you are visiting require you to obtain a visa (e.g. transit visa)
  • If your visa has expired, you typically need to apply for a new visa at a US Consulate/Embassy abroad, plan your time accordingly.
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