Get Connected

Video By: Julia Kelley Entrepreneurship Major


Make Friends & Get Involved

Haley Keding

"Kent State has a lot of opportunities for you to get involved, activities that suit every personality and interest. Blastoff was helpful for connecting, as was finding clubs that interested me. Keep up with what is happening in the city. FLASHperks emails helped too."

— Haley Keding, Kent State Student studying Public Relations

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Get Involved

Students are gathered on a stage in poses as part of a play.  An audience sits to their right.

Stay Connected

Students are all smiles on a warm and sunny day.


Remember, most of the other 4,000+ incoming freshmen don't know all that many people on campus yet either. You are all looking for connections and friends that respect your boundaries, yet offer a bit of excitement. And, you might be missing home — despite your new-found freedom. Resist the urge to pack your bags and head home for the weekend so that you don't miss early-on opportunities to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.

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