Introduction to the GPS Audit



Video Tutorial


To view your audit, Log into Flashline and click on Student / Resources / Advising and GPS / GPS Audit and Plan.

  • Click on GPS Audit and Plan
  • Your degree audit will appear

Your course information is organized into blocks:

  • The header information displays your Kent State ID, name, degree, major, minor, class level, cumulative GPA, advisor information 
  • Your degree audit refreshes every night so be sure to click on the “process ” button before proceeding to ensure you have the most recent information.
  • The envelope in the upper right corner of the screen is a direct link to your advisor. The menu to the right contains a GPA Calculator, your Unofficial Class History, and notes. Just below this section you will see the date the audit was run.

  • The next section is called the degree block. This section summarizes all of your degree requirements and indicates the fulfillment status of each. When all of these blocks are completed, you are ready to graduate.

  • University requirements appear next. These include Destination Kent State, the Writing Intensive Course (WIC), the diversity requirements, and your Experiential Learning (ELR) requirement.

  • The upper division block lists all of the upper division courses you have taken towards your degree.

  • Next you will find the Kent Core requirements. Each category is displayed and includes all courses that are eligible to be selected. If you click on any of the classes you will find a course description and times when they are offered. As these requirements are satisfied, they will receive a green check mark. You also can see when the course was taken.


  • The following block provides the major summary. All major requirements, including concentration courses if needed, are listed here. Courses which have been satisfied or are currently in progress are indicated with a blue tilde.

  • Some programs have an additional major requirement block. Courses will appear here if they are Kent Core courses but have minimum grade requirements or if they are required in the major but do not calculate in the major GPA.

  • Next are general elective courses, if you have any. These are all courses that have not been used to satisfy a requirement in one of the previous blocks, but are eligible to count toward degree hours. Transfer courses not already used may also appear here.

  • If courses appear in the Insufficient section, it is because the grade does not qualify to be used toward the degree. Examples are W, F, AU. Any courses with forgiven grades will also display here. Courses in this block can never count toward graduation hours but the grades, unless forgiven, calculate in the GPA.
  • The In-Progress block lists all courses in current and future registration
  • Finally, you may see a section labeled Ineligible. Courses found here cannot count toward graduation but do calculate in the GPA. These include classes that have exceeded a limit, such as too many hours of physical education classes, or courses that are duplicates. They also include developmental courses that do not count toward degree hours.

At the bottom of the page you will find a legend that will help you interpret symbols found throughout the audit.

Please explore the other links at the top of your audit, such as “class history” and “what-if,” especially if you are considering a new major.  Finally, always check the “notes” section at the bottom of your audit in case your advisor has left any notes that you should read.

Be sure to contact your advisor if you have any questions.