2018 3MT Finalists

The following graduate students advanced from our Three Minute Thesis (3MT) preliminary rounds on October 18-19. The following students will be presenting at the 3MT Finals hosted on Friday, October 26 from 1-3 pm in the Kiva.

Benjamin Allison: Master's, History

Srijana Bhandari: Doctorate, Chemistry

Kylene Boka: Doctorate, Exercise Physiology

Zahra Ghasemahmad: Doctorate, Biomedical Sciences

Anjali Krishnan: Doctorate, Biomedical Sciences

Adam Kulp: Doctorate, Biomedical Sciences

Alexandra Niemczura: Doctorate, Biomedical Sciences

Mirjeta Pasha: Doctorate, Applied Mathematics

Shannon Smith: Doctorate, Educational Psychology (Instructional Technology)

Sakshi Thakur: Master's, Technology

Yee Lin Elaine Yuen: Master's, Theatre Studies