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Dean's Message

A Message from dean tankersley

Graduate study is a time of immersion into your area of specialty and will allow you the development of new skills, opportunity to freely exchange ideas, and the chance to create new knowledge. You will embark on meaningful discovery with your fellow graduate students and the faculty in your discipline - faculty who will not only be your mentors throughout this process, but will also become your colleagues. Take advantage of this time to dive deeply into your field. 

But also take this time to explore how other fields of study intersect with, inform, and advance your field of expertise. More and more the world needs answers that transcend one discipline - multifaceted answers that must leverage and integrate the expertise of professionals trained in different disciplines. Teamwork and collaboration across disciplines is important to solving today’s and tomorrow’s complex problems and to discovering and advancing innovative ideas and creations.

Graduate Studies will provide opportunities for you to both dive deeply into your field and to develop teamwork collaborative skills. 

I look forward to meeting you this year at our events and wish you a great year of graduate studies at Kent State University!


Melody Tankersley, PhD
Senior Associate Provost
Dean of Graduate Studies