Access FlashLine by logging in from Kent State’s home page at http://www.kent.edu. Student services are available via Student in the panel on the left. Click on Student to access most student services, including basic financial aid information, course offerings, class registration, and student information.

For students who are employees, click on Employee in the panel on the left. You will have access to pay stubs and tax forms, direct deposit and other information about your employment. Kent State payroll information is at http://www.kent.edu/payroll.

If you are teaching or assisting with a course, a Faculty link will be present in the panel on the left. Click on it to access your teaching schedule, course rosters, university policies (such as FERPA, reviewed on page 39), and other important links. You will enter your midterm and final course grades here. If you do not have a Faculty link and are teaching a course, contact your department secretary and/or the Help Desk at 330-672-HELP (4357). 

You can visit https://www.kent.edu/flashline to get help with Flashline.