GSAAC/Graduate Council

Graduate Studies Administrative Advisory Committee

The Graduate Studies Administrative Advisory Committee (GSAAC) is comprised of the associate dean for graduate affairs from each academic college, and is chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies. GSAAC serves the university as the primary academic advisory body to the Dean of Graduate Studies on those matters involving graduate school programs, policies and procedures.

2017-2018 Membership

Sonia Alemagno, College of Public Health
Danielle Coombs, College of Communication and Information
Jan Crowther, College of Arts and Sciences
Vince Hetherington, Podiatric Medicine
Robert Hisrich, Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Stephen Mitchell, College of Education, Health and Human Services

I. Richmond Nettey, College of Technology
Cynthia Stillings, College of the Arts
Wendy Umberger, College of Nursing
William Willoughby, College of Architecture & Environmental Design

Melody Tankersley, Dean of Graduate Studies

Educational Policies Council

The Educational Policies Council (EPC) is a Faculty Senate-body responsible for long-range academic planning for Kent State University. EPC is comprised of two councils, an undergraduate council and a graduate council, and has oversight for curriculum issues, programs and policy proposals, library policies and facilities. Members meet a minimum of three times an academic year to review and vote on the issues and proposals. More information, including meeting minutes, can be found on the EPC website.