Spring 2021 Graduate Student Orientation Offered Remotely on January 15

Welcome to Kent State University!

Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) is held prior to the start of fall and spring semesters for all new graduate students. 

GSO provides an opportunity to learn about university resources and network with other new graduate students, along with representatives of KSU's faculty, staff, and administration.

Spring 2021 GSO will be held remotely on Friday, January 15 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The following components will be part of GSO.

1.    Two asynchronous modules, one for all new graduate students and one for all new teaching assistants. These orientation modules will be available via Blackboard Learn to students who have registered for GSO in advance of attending GSO. These modules will allow graduate students and teaching assistants the opportunity to navigate GSO at their own pace. 

2.    On the date of GSO we will be offering live sessions on topics related to research, graduate student life, and support services.

GSO registration invites will be sent for Spring 2021 in November. If you have questions about GSO registration or have not received, an invitation yet please contact Kyle Reynolds at kreynol3@kent.edu.

We look forward to meeting you.