GSO Breakout Abstracts

GSO  Breakout Sessions

11-11:40am: Grad 101: Enjoy your New Journey
Starting graduate school can be a daunting experience as one might not be fully aware of what to expect or not. This session aims at providing graduate students with important guidelines and tips that help them succeed and make the most out of their graduate school experience.

12-12:40pm: Conferences and Publications
In this session, we will have a conversation about academic conferences and publications and demystify the process of submitting and presenting your work. In addition to discussing the 'to dos' and potential roadblocks, we will talk about available resources that can be helpful along the way. 

2-2:40pm: Navigating and Networking in the Academy
This session explores topics related to networking and etiquette while in graduate school. The leaders will discuss the best ways to present yourself in a professional manner, how to efficiently and respectfully communicate with advisors, faculty, and peers, and how to problem-solve ethical/professional issues that might arise while in your program.

3-3:40pm: Avoiding Burnout
You may already be feeling overwhelmed with all graduate school has thrown at you, especially in the uncertain times we are all currently facing. That’s okay! The transition to graduate school is stressful, at best. Your leaders have been here before, and we have some tips to help! The aim of this session is to provide information to incoming students regarding stress, coping, and resources available to manage their own mental and physical health in the Kent community. 

4-4:40pm: Managing Finances in Graduate School
Graduate school may present financial challenges. A lack of financial preparedness can lead to stress and setbacks. This session will discuss personal finance, budgeting, how to deal with financial setbacks and financial opportunities.