Breakout Session Archive from 2019

GSO Breakout Sessions

You will find materials from the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 GSO breakout sessions. Below are the abstracts for all 2019 GSO Breakout Sessions. Updated presentation materials from Fall 2020 sessions will be posted by the first day of Fall 2020 classes. Review more resources about health and wellness in Kent and the surrounding area by reviewing our health resources list

Avoiding Burnout: Ashley and Phaedra’s Declassified Grad School Survival Guide (Offered Spring 2020)

This session will focus on the importance of mindfulness, self-assessment of stressors, and the introduction of self-care mechanisms. Through this session, we are striving for establishing a healthy balance between academic and personal responsibilities. Students will be provided with useful resources, both on- and off-campus, and they will have the opportunity to participate in stress-relieving exercises.

Avoiding Burnout Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
Avoiding Burnout Presentation (PDF) from 2019
Avoiding Burnout Handout (PDF) from 2019
Avoiding Burnout Six Dimensions Fact Sheet (PDF) from 2019

Blackboard Design

This session provides incoming graduate students the opportunity to design their own Blackboard page. Within this interactive workshop, GSO leaders will demonstrate how to populate blackboard courses, including how to create assignments, exams, discussion boards, announcements, and more. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop if they would like to follow along.

Blackboard Course Navigation Video
Blackboard YouTube Channel
Blackboard: Behind the Scenes Pamphlet (PDF) from 2018
Blackboard Design Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Blackboard Grading

For graduate students with the responsibility of being a TA or instructor, it is essential to be familiar with Blackboard-- particularly the grading aspect. In this session, the leaders will demonstrate how to grade a variety of assessments within Blackboard: tests/exams, discussion boards, and assignments. The leaders will also illustrate how to customize the Grade Center to best suit your instructional needs and grading scheme.

Communicating in the Academy

Communication is the act of transferring information from one place, person, or group to another. We communicate verbally, non-verbally, in writing, etc. and academia is one place where effective communication entails more than exchanging information; in graduate school, we should understand the emotions and intentions behind the information. In this breakout session, we discuss ways to effectively communicate with many people and entities in academia so that you feel confident in your abilities and in your role(s) as a member of the Kent State community.

Communicating in the Academy Narrated Powerpoint on YouTube from 2019
Communicating in the Academy Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Complex Conversations 

Here, we continue the conversation started during the general presentation. In this interactive session, we discuss navigation of complex situations and interaction in academia, and possible ways of addressing them effectively.

Resource Guide and Scenario Videos

Conferences & Publications (Offered Spring 2020)

In this session, we will have a conversation on conferences and publications, and demystify the process behind them. As well as discussing the 'to dos' and potential roadblocks, we will talk about available resources that can be helpful along the way. Let's talk!

Conferences & Publications Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
Conferences & Publications Presentation (PDF) from 2019

First Time Teaching Assistant 

This session will focus on common pedagogical concerns of new TA’s, including classroom management, lesson planning, classroom presence, and lesson preparation. In addition, participants will discuss logistical concerns, such as where to locate teaching materials or technical support. Any questions or concerns about first-time teaching are encouraged. 

First Time Teaching Assistants Presentation on Kaltura from 2018
First Time Teaching Assistant Presentation (PDF) from 2018

Grad School 101: Controlling the Controllables (Offered Spring 2020)

Starting graduate school can be a daunting experience as one might not be fully aware of what to expect. This session aims at providing graduate students with important guidelines and tips that help them succeed and make the most out of their graduate school experience. 

Grad School 101 Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
Grad School 101 Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Grading & Syllabus

This session provides strategies and available technologies for grading and evaluating student work, dealing with grade disputes, and countering plagiarism. Additionally, this session will go over the components of creating a syllabus. Attendees will be provided with valuable information about university policies, important dates, and resources.

Grading & Syllabus Presentation on Kaltura from 2018
Grading & Syllabus Presentation (PDF)
Grading & Syllabus Handout (PDF)

A Happy Struggle: Balancing Family and Graduate School  (Offered Spring 2020)

The responsibilities of being a spouse and or parent can easily hinder progress in graduate school. However, management of these responsibilities can help one perform their duties with little stress. In this panel discussion, we will take questions and offer strategies and resources to help graduate students maintain their family lives in ways that complement the graduate-school experience. 

Happy Struggle Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Leader Lounge (Offered Spring 2020)

At the Leader Lounge, students can drop in with any questions they have as they transition to graduate study at Kent State or they simply may come to have a conversation with their fellow graduate students while enjoying a stress-free atmosphere and some delicious refreshments.

Room of Requirement Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Love Don’t Cost a Thing… But Research and Conferences Do: GSS is Here for You! (Offered Spring 2020)

GSS stands for Graduate Student Senate: a graduate student-led organization that seeks to improve graduate student life and research. Within this session, we will explain what GSS can do for you—ranging from awards, presenting research at our symposium, and how you can become more involved in the graduate student body.

GSS Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
GSS Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Managing your Finances on a Grad-school Income (Offered Spring 2020) 

Graduate school may present financial challenges. A lack of financial preparedness can lead to stress and financial setbacks. This session will discuss personal finance, budgeting, financial setbacks and opportunities.  

Managing your Finances Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
Managing your Finances Presentation (PDF) from 2019
Budget Template (Excel) from 2019
Financial Resources for Graduate Students Handout (PDF) from 2018

Principles of Effective Teaching

This session outlines the fundamental principles of effective teaching, which include, preparing for the course, presentation of course content, and interacting and engaging with students. This session will also discuss tips and strategies for effective teaching, as well as provide graduate students with the necessary literature and university resources to aid in the development of one’s own teaching practice. 

Principles of Effective Teaching Narrated Powerpoint on Youtube from 2019
Principles of Effective Teaching Presentation (PDF) from 2019

Teaching Assistant (TA) in a Science Lab

Laboratory courses are meant to provide a hands-on, engaging experience for students. Because of the nature of these courses, science lab TAs must prepare for teaching in ways that are different from other disciplines. In this session, our primary goal will be to provide attendees with actionable advice that they will be able to use for planning and executing their first laboratory class-session. To do this, we will provide an interactive overview about designing appropriate presentations, overseeing laboratory activities/experiments, and evaluating students’ understanding.

Being a TA in a Science Lab Narrated Powerpoint Presentation on YouTube from 2019
Being a TA in a Science Lab Presentation (PDF) from 2019
Being a TA in a Science Lab Handout (PDF) from 2019