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Breakout Sessions

GSO Breakout Sessions

You will find materials from the GSO breakout sessions below.  Below is a list of sessions that have been offered at GSO with descriptions of the sessions. You can download a copy of the Spring 2019 GSO Schedule and of the Health and Wellness Resources document.

Avoiding Burnout (Offered Spring 2019)

This session will focus on the importance of mindfulness, self-care and wellness. Students will be able to identify key stressors, reflect on healthy stress management skills, and balance academic and personal responsibilities. Students will be introduced to useful resources, both on- and off-campus. 

Avoiding Burnout Presentation on Kaltura
Avoiding Burnout Presentation (PDF)

Being a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a Science Lab

Because of the nature of laboratory courses, science-lab TAs must prepare for teaching in ways that are different from those of TAs in other kinds of positions. In this session, attendees will be provided actionable advice that they will be able to use for planning and executing their first laboratory class-session. To do this, we will provide an overview about designing appropriate presentations, overseeing laboratory activities/experiments, and checking students’ understanding.

Being a TA in a Science Lab Presentation (PDF)
Being a TA in a Science Lab Handout (PDF) 

Blackboard: Behind the Scenes

This session provides incoming graduate students the opportunity to design their own Blackboard page. Within this interactive workshop, GSO leaders will demonstrate how to populate blackboard courses, including how to create assignments, exams, discussion boards, blogs, and more.

Blackboard Course Navigation Video
Blackboard YouTube Channel
Blackboard: Behind the Scenes Pamphlet (PDF) 

Complex Conversations (Offered Spring 2019)

Here, we continue the conversation started during the general presentation. In this interactive session, we discuss navigation of complex situations and interaction in academia, and possible ways of addressing them effectively.

Resource Guide and Scenario Videos

Conferences & Publications (Offered Spring 2019)

In this session, we will have a conversation on conferences and publications, and demystify the process behind them. As well as discussing the 'to dos' and potential roadblocks, we will talk about available resources that can be helpful along the way. Let's talk!

Conferences & Publications Presentation on Kaltura
Conferences & Publications Presentation (PDF)

Culturally Responsive Teaching: My Students are Very Different

The student bodies of classrooms today are increasingly diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and lived experiences. Thus, the aim of this interactive session is to equip teacher assistants with a foundational understanding of how these differences impact learners and some simple strategies for working effectively with diverse students. Resources will be provided.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Presentation on Kaltura
Culturally Responsive Teaching Presentation Slides (PDF)
Culturally Responsive Teaching Overview (PDF)
Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies (PDF)
Cultures and Puzzles Handout (PDF)
20 Things I Will Do to Be an Equitable Educator Handout (PDF)
Center for Teaching and Learning's Strategies for Culturally Inclusive Teaching (PDF)
Presentation Resources and Sources (PDF)

First Time Teaching Assistant 

This session will focus on common pedagogical concerns of new TA’s, including classroom management, lesson planning, classroom presence, and lesson preparation. In addition, participants will discuss logistical concerns, such as where to locate teaching materials or technical support. Any questions or concerns about first-time teaching are encouraged. 

First Time Teaching Assistants Presentation on Kaltura
First Time Teaching Assistant Presentation (PDF)

Grad School 101: Controlling the Controllables (Offered Spring 2019)

This session will provide graduate students with the most important advice to know before starting graduate school. It will also offer tips for succeeding and making the most of your graduate school experience.

Grad School 101 Presentation on Kaltura
Grad School 101 Presentation (PDF)

Grading & Syllabus

This session will provide strategies and available technologies for grading and evaluating student work, dealing with grade disputes, and countering plagiarism. Additionally, this session will go over the components of creating a syllabus. Attendees will be provided with valuable information about university policies, important dates, and resources.

Grading & Syllabus Presentation on Kaltura
Grading & Syllabus Presentation (PDF)
Grading & Syllabus Handout (PDF)

Leader Lounge (Offered Spring 2019)

At the Leader Lounge, students can drop in with any questions they have as they transition to graduate study at Kent State or they simply may come to have a conversation with their fellow graduate students while enjoying a stress-free atmosphere and some delicious refreshments.

It's Your Time to Teach...Now What?

This interactive presentation will provide students with fundamental principles and strategies for developing effective lectures and discussions.  In addition to discussing models for creating active and engaging learning environments, the presenters will leverage their experiences to provide tips and strategies that can help graduate students develop their own teaching practices.  Detailed information about appropriate literature and university resources will be available.  Attendees are urged to bring questions to the session and to participate in the group’s discussions.

Time to Teach Presentation (PDF)
Time to Teach Presentation on Kaltura

Managing your Finances on a Grad-school Income (Offered Spring 2019)

Graduate school often presents imposing financial challenges, and a lack of financial preparedness can lead to many secondary challenges, including those related to mental health and stress. In this session, we will discuss four topics related to personal financial issues: credit cards and banking, budgeting, financial emergencies, and financial opportunities. Attendees will leave with proven strategies and a knowledge of available university and community resources to help manage their finances as KSU graduate students.

Financial Resources for Graduate Students Handout (PDF)
Managing your Finances Presentation on Kaltura
Managing your Finances Presentation (PDF)

Step Up and Speak Out as a TA

Mental health issues are an increasing concern on college campuses, with faculty and staff often in the role of "first responders" to crises and other difficult situations. Step Up and Speak Out was created to assist you in making choices when responding to individuals in emotional distress, those at risk for suicide and those who may exhibit disruptive behavior. KSU is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our campus community, and you can be part of this effort. Helping those in need strengthens our community and is an integral part of keeping the campus safe and ensuring individuals can be linked to appropriate services and resources. It's our campus. It's our community. We're all responsible.