Section 3.2 Registration


Students register for courses online through FlashFAST (log onto FlashLine and select Student / Resources / Courses and Registration from the main menu). Students must clear any registration holds before adjusting their class schedule. Students are responsible for their schedules and have the ultimate responsibility to confirm the accuracy of their schedules. Allowing a member of the university staff to make schedule changes does not relieve the student of his or her responsibilities. Refer to the Office of the University Registrar website for registration information, instructions, dates, deadlines and procedures.


To receive a full refund of tuition, students who register and decide not to attend the University must cancel their registration as early as possible, and no later than the published deadline. This may be accomplished by the student dropping courses via FlashFAST during registration periods. Any paid registration not canceled by the deadline will be subject to the refund policy published on the Office of the Bursar website. Any applicable refund is determined by the date the transaction is processed in the student information system.


The deadline for schedule adjustments for courses scheduled during the regular full fall and spring semesters is the end of the first week of classes. For flexibly scheduled courses or for courses scheduled in the summer, students should access the Detailed Class Search from the Office of the University Registrar Schedule of Classes Search website, locate the course, and click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to see course-specific dates. Students can also find this information on their student schedule in FlashLine.


Students who are not officially enrolled for any coursework (i.e., neither registered nor paid fees) by the published deadline will have a late registration fee assessed for any initial registration processed. A non-payment fee will be assessed for registrations not paid by the end of the second week of classes. Visit the Office of the Bursar website for information on students’ fees.


Under specific circumstances, a graduate degree-seeking student from Kent State University may take one or more graduate courses at the University of Akron, Cleveland State University, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Ohio University, or Youngstown State University by registering through an emergency cross-registration program.The course should be required for the student’s program of study and be unavailable at the student’s home institution when needed for timely completion of the student’s program. The student must be in good standing (GPA >3.0) and be within time limits for completion of the degree program.The student will attend the course at the host university, but register for a special topics course at Kent State University. To apply, students must complete the Approval for Acceptance of Graduate Coursework at East Ohio Universities form found in the Forms Library, and receive approval from both their program and the host institution.

Please note that this form should not be used for elective courses or for courses outside the student’s official plan of study.

Approval for Acceptance of Graduate Coursework at East Ohio Universities