Section 6.1: General Information


All master’s degree students must satisfactorily complete a minimum 30 semester credit hours applicable toward a master’s degree in order to graduate.  Some master’s degree programs require more hours.

Residency requirements are determined by the graduate program.


In some departments/schools, graduate students are required to take a qualifying examination. Each student should inquire of the major department/school whether such an examination is required and when it should be taken.   The student is responsible for making the arrangements for taking the examination.   Students working for a degree requiring a thesis may have their thesis topic approved as soon as they pass the qualifying examination.


Master’s degree students will normally complete work within six calendar years after the students’ first graduate registration at KSU.   Any credit being transferred for meeting degree requirements should also have been earned within the six-year period.  Departments/schools with time limits that vary from these norms will notify their students in writing.

When an extension of any of these time limits seems to be necessary and proper, the student and advisor will petition the student’s department/school for an extension.  The extension may be denied, in which case the student will be dismissed, or it may be granted with qualification.  The student, advisor and academic college dean must be informed of the decision in writing.  If the extension exceeds one year, the approval of the academic college dean is required.  Requests for time extensions exceeding one year must be submitted to the academic college dean with evidence that the degree candidate is current in his/her field of study.