At the time of the initial notification of appointment the department/school shall clearly communicate its policy on limits on the number of years of support at the master’s and doctoral levels.   Appointments or reappointments, including tuition remission, are not automatic, but are contingent upon good degree progress and satisfactory performance of duties as determined by the grantor of the stipend. 

Reappointment is determined by the student’s department/school.  Reappointment may be available, contingent upon good progress toward completion of the degree and satisfactory performance of duties.  If a service graduate assistant is not to be reappointed, he or she will be given written notice informing the student of the non-reappointment and of the reasons therefore.  Notices of non-reappointment and of reappointment will be given to students no later than the last day of the semester.  

During the semester in which a graduate assistant receives a master’s degree, the student must apply and be accepted into a doctoral or educational specialist program in order to be considered for further assistantships.  

Dismissal is the termination of the contract for cause.  Dismissal may be effected for the violation of the terms of the assistantship.  The department/school will give written notice of a recommendation for dismissal to the graduate assistant along with the reasons for the recommendation.  This recommendation is forwarded to the appropriate academic college dean for action.  If a student is dismissed for academic reasons then the assistantship is terminated at that time.  Any graduate assistant who has not been reappointed or has been dismissed may appeal the decision.  The appeal must be initiated in writing to the grantor of the assistantship within one week of non-reappointment or dismissal. 

Notification of resignation by a service graduate assistant is expected to be early enough to obviate serious detriment to the University.  A graduate assistant intending to resign should give written notice as early as possible.  The graduate assistant may inquire into and consider the acceptance of an assistantship elsewhere anytime and without previous consultation.  It is agreed, however, that if a definite offer follows, the graduate assistant shall not accept it without giving such notice, in writing.