If an issue cannot be resolved through informal conversations between the graduate assistant and other interested parties following reasonable attempts to achieve resolution, the graduate assistant may initiate a formal complaint by notifying, in writing, the administrator of the graduate unit in which the student holds assistantship. The graduate/program coordinator should be copied directly with such notification.

The administrator may refer the complaint to the unit’s Graduate Studies Committee for a hearing and a recommendation or may impanel an ad hoc grievance committee for this purpose comprised of graduate faculty members who are able to render a disinterested judgment. Either of these committees will make a recommendation to the administrator as to the disposition of the complaint.

If the graduate assistant is dissatisfied with the resolution decided by the administrator, he or she may appeal the decision, in writing, to the dean of the academic college or, in the case of independent schools, to the dean of Graduate Studies. The dean may render a final decision based upon the record and information submitted by the complainant and the administrator of the graduate unit or may appoint an ad hoc grievance committee which will hear the complaint and make recommendation to the academic college dean for its resolution. In either case the academic college dean or the dean of Graduate Studies is the final determinant.