Loubna BilaliLoubna Bilali
“At Kent State there’s sense of community; you feel like you belong somewhere. There is diversity on campus and you feel welcome and appreciated and receive support and encouragement support from faculty. In the atmosphere of taking classes, it’s not just learning about languages but learning other cultures from students who I spent two years with.
The Office of Graduate Studies at Kent State tailors things for groups of students to help them feel at home. They provide different resources. This year they started dissertation bootcamp, which was an amazing idea. There’s a professional development workshop each semester. They’re always thinking of ways they can make graduate life easier, more accessible and stress free.
These events help you do well and learn more, not only about your discipline, but about other aspects of life; they prepare you to become a global citizen.”

Loubna Bilali

Enrich your graduate study experience with learning beyond the classroom.

While working toward her Ph. D in Translation Studies, Loubna found that Kent State offered graduate students a wealth of opportunities to enhance and expand their studies beyond their coursework.
In addition to experiential learning opportunities and networking events, activities like dissertation bootcamp, the three-minute thesis competition and professional development workshops, students also participate in the graduate research symposium – the largest annual research event on campus.