Presentation | Graduate Studies | Kent State University

Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to present their research at the annual Graduate Research Symposium at Kent State University each Spring semester to showcase their work, interact with their peers and receive feedback from faculty, staff and colleagues through oral and poster presentations.  For specific details surrounding each presentation type and their associated guidelines, please refer to the information below. To register please click the button below. Please submit only one registration form for each presentation (i.e., co-authors should not submit separate forms). Abstracts are limited to 200 words. Thank you.


Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are scheduled in 15-minute intervals to allow each speaker a 10-12 minute presentation and a 2-3 minute discussion to respond to questions from the floor.  Presentations should be PC-compatible and computers and projectors are provided for each session.  Please be mindful that your audience members will consist of faculty, staff and students from a wide range of disciplines.  Presenters are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their session in order to upload their presentations on the session computer in advance to avoid delays throughout the session.

For information on how to prepare PowerPoint presentations and to review PowerPoint basics, please visit the University Libraries PowerPoint Tutorials Page.

For information on how to reserve a presentation practice room where you can actively rehearse your presentation with colleagues, please visit the University Libraries Study Spaces Page.

2015 Oral Presentation Award Winners:

  • Sonya Adas (Chemistry & Biochemistry),
  • Sophia Adodo (Art),
  • Amal Albeshri (Health Sciences),
  • Gayan Mirihana Arachchilage (Chemistry & Biochemistry),
  • Thomas Ballinger (Geography),
  • Monica Burgett (Biomedical Sciences),
  • Amanda Clark (Political Science),
  • Shannon Claxton & Haylee DeLuca (Psychological Sciences),
  • David Cunningham (Biomedical Sciences),
  • Angela Freeman (Biological Sciences),
  • Kathryn Hannum (Geography),
  • Brian Hunt (Physics),
  • William Kelvin (Journalism & Mass Communication),
  • Brooke Long (Sociology),
  • Paul Mills (Business Administration),
  • Christian Newman (Computer Sciences),
  • Meghan Novisky (Sociology),
  • Stian Rice (Geography),
  • Ryan Schoeneman (Biological Sciences),
  • Amanda Stovicek (English),
  • Karen Tollafield (Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum),
  • Jenna Wall (Psychological Sciences),
  • Nancy Weissman (Sociology),
  • Shakhnoza Yakubova (Foundations, Leadership, & Administration), 

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are scheduled for a block of time to allow each speaker the opportunity to interact with students, faculty, staff and colleagues as they browse each poster.  If possible, at least one author should remain with the poster during the poster session to ensure your research is properly represented and questions may be answered.  Each presenter will be assigned a numbered board to display their work.  Presenters are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the poster session to allow adequate time to locate your assigned space and hang your poster.  Thumbtacks will be provided for mounting your poster to your board.  The recommended dimensions are 3 feet (36 inches) tall by 4 feet (48 inches) wide but please feel free to customize your poster size as necessary.  Please ensure all text, graphics and images are appropriately sized and clearly legible.

For general tips on preparing a poster presentation and to view templates and examples, please visit the Kent State University Libraries Posters Page.

2015 Poster PRESENTATION AWARD Winners:

  • Daniel Armagno (Architecture),
  • Noraliz Ruiz Caraballo (Music),
  • Alexa Copeland (Architecture),
  • Hayden Gerhart, Yu Lun Tai, Jon Stavres, & Shane Draper (Health Sciences),
  • Caleb Heller (Architecture),
  • Lydia Heemstra (Biological Sciences),
  • Shruti Jain (Biological Sciences),
  • Diana Kingsbury & Sunita Shakya (Public Health),
  • Andrew Kramer (Anthropology),
  • Joshua Kruszynski (Visual Communication Design),
  • Elizabeth Lattime (Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum),
  • Yolanda Mahoney (Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences),
  • Cathleen Matuzak (Architecture),
  • Tyler Middendorf (Architecture),
  • Christopher Moyer (Architecture),
  • Gaelle Muller-Greven (Biomedical Sciences),
  • Emily Mupinga (Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences),
  • Nuttapong Phantkankum (Applied Engineering, Sustainability & Technology),
  • Jibin Abraham Punnoose (Chemistry & Biochemistry),
  • James Redfearn (Biological Sciences),
  • Christine Scaglione (Architecture),
  • Alexa Stephenson (Anthropology),
  • Jennifer Toney (Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum),
  • Jonathon Van Gray (Biological Sciences),