Graduate Research Symposium

The annual Graduate Research Symposium has grown to be the largest annual research event on campus, consistently hosting more than 300 individual presentations for the past three years!  The event itself features oral and poster presentations by graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines.  Faculty serve as judges for groups of presentations sharing similar themes or representing common areas of study.  The Symposium is concluded with an awards luncheon which features a keynote address and presentation of awards to exemplary presenters.

2021 Graduate Research Symposium 

The 2021 Graduate Research Symposium was held on Teams on April 7th and 8th! Thank you so much to everyone who presented and congratulations to all of the Poster and Oral Session Awardees!
To review the Oral Presentations list with timing click here or find a list of the Poster Presentations with timing here. You can also review the abstracts for the Oral Session presentations here and the abstracts for the Poster Session presentations here.

Symposium Schedule:

April 7th:
Poster presentations, 2:30-4:40pm
Keynote address, 4:45-6pm

April 8th:
Oral presentations, 2:30-4:30pm and 4:30-6:30pm

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For information about previous years' events, please see our Past Symposia page.