Review Committee Report

The Review Committee is comprised of three experts in the discipline undergoing review plus two KSU faculty representatives. External reviewers play an essential role in the program review process because of their expertise in the discipline, objectivity and ability to place the program in a larger disciplinary context both nationally and internationally; the KSU faculty representatives contribute knowledge of the university’s mission, policies and practices.

The Review Committee will be provided with the unit’s Self Study Report, and will participate in a series of meetings during a 1.5 day period on campus. The KSU faculty representatives will participate in all meetings of the Review Committee during the campus visit, and chairs/directors are encouraged to make arrangements to allow for faculty participation in this important service contribution to the university.

The external reviewers are responsible for writing a final report, although the KSU faculty representatives may be asked to provide information and/or clarification.  The report should cover program strengths, challenges/weaknesses, opportunities and recommendations for change.  Typically, reports are 6-10 pages in length.  The report is due to the Dean of Graduate Studies within four weeks following the campus visit.

The Review Committee Report mirrors the format of the program's self-study, and may be used as a guide in preparing for the campus visit and/or developing the final report.