Special Contingency Award

The Special Contingency Award has been suspended for further review by Graduate Student Senate. Please email Xin Hong (xhong1@kent.edu) with questions.

The GSS Special Contingency Award (SCA) is a competitive award that was created to offer students funding for one's primary graduate work in the case that the costs are impractical or ill-suited funded by other GSS awards (Domestic Travel Award, International Travel Award, or Research Award). Students are eligible to receive the SCA once during their graduate career at Kent State University.

Application Guidelines

Once you have downloaded the instructions above and gathered all of the necessary information, follow the "Award Application" link below to begin the application process. The deadlines for this award are listed below:

  • None at this time. The Special Contingency Award has been suspended for further review by¬†Graduate Student Senate.

Award Application

If you receive funding, please download the Funding Form (PDF) to include in your reimbursement packet. Also, please view our Business Manager list for more information and to contact your respective manager.

Please remember to double check your GSS Funding Form for completeness, as well as confirm that all appropriate supporting documents (i.e. original receipts, proof of presentation, etc.) are attached. By submitting an incomplete GSS Funding Form and/or not providing appropriate supporting documents, you forfeit your Special Contingency Award.

Please refer to the GSS Bylaws for further clarification into the policies and procedures associated with this Award (Articles V-VIII)

For questions regarding the Special Contingency Award, please contact Finance Chair Xin Hong at xhong1@kent.edu.