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Teaching Assistant Training Program

The Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP) was designed by the Division of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) Teaching Fellows to aid new and aspiring teaching assistants with resources to help them transition into successful teaching assistants.

The TATP is available through Blackboard Learn under the course title "Teaching Assistant Training Program".

TATP consists of presentations from the Teaching Assistant GSO and a quiz that graduate students can complete in order to receive a Certificate of Completion for the Teaching Assistant Training Program.  The quiz consists of 40 questions based on six GSO presentations and students who answer at least 32 of the questions (80%) correctly will receive the Certificate of Completion from the Division of Graduate Studies, that can be added to their CV or resume.

Additionally, the TATP hosts a wide variety of resources including videos illustrating complex teaching and academic scenarios along with a handbook of resources and advice on how to handle those situations; videos and PowerPoint presentations from Teaching Assistant GSO; articles about college teaching and more.

If you do not currently have access, but would like access to the TATP you can fill out the request form.  All graduate students at Kent State are eligible to participate regardless of if they are current TAs or not.