The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation: An Invitation to the Practice with Mary Ann Raghanti, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Anthropology & Melissa Celko, Kent State of Wellness Director

Even though our extra stressful lives have left many of us feeling overwhelmed and tired, there are things that we can do to help manage that stress and increase our resiliency. With your “brain health” in mind, Kent State University’s Healthy Communities Research Initiative and the Brain Health Research Institute invite you to participate in a special webinar on the evidence-based practice of Koru mindfulness and meditation. This webinar will be held on October 22 from 3-4 p.m. and will be presented by KSU’s very own Mary Ann Raghanti, Ph.D. and Melissa Celko.

Mentoring Our Students (and Ourselves) in a Global Crisis – A Mental Bandwidth Perspective

This academic year arrives with unusual and challenging circumstances for mentoring and instructing undergraduate and graduate students.  In this webinar, Dr. Tina Bhargava will share a “mental bandwidth” perspective on strategies for moving through these challenges in ways that optimize support, learning, and productivity for our students and ourselves.  

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Meeting details (including a Zoom link) will be provided after registration.