KSU Institutional-level Small Grant Pilot Funding Procedures


The following guidelines apply to this small grant ($5,000) Award. When applying for this Award, you may be considered for University Research Council (URC) supplemental funding. Specifically, if you want to be considered for supplemental URC-funding of $2,500 ($3,500 if the submission involves an undergraduate), you should:

  • Note this on your application.

  • Provide two budgets (one with supplemental funding and one without supplemental funding).

  • Provide sufficient rationale for the supplemental budget.

Requests for supplemental funding will undergo URC review and are not guaranteed to be funded. 

  • The HCRI and URC Supplemental funding budget may not exceed $8,500 (with an undergraduate) or $7,500 (without an undergraduate). 
  • The budget for the HCRI Small Grant Award may not exceed  $5,000.


Submission Process

All applications must be submitted to https://kent.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0kQSivZ0AcWN7yC

DEADLINE:  Nov. 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m. (EST)  If the HCRI awards the Small Grant and you requested URC supplemental funding, HCRI will forward your application to URC for review.



  • You may apply for as many pilot funding opportunities as you wish in any given year; however, you may only receive one award in a year. Further, your proposal should be submitted with a specific institute in mind; YOU MAY NOT SUBMIT THE SAME PROPOSAL TO MORE THAN ONE INSTITUTE.

  • A faculty member acting as a primary investigator (PI) is not eligible for any institutional-level pilot funding for one year following the completion of a pilot grant award funded through any institutional-level pilot funding for which that faculty member served as a PI.

  • Priority will be given to faculty who have not received an institutional-level pilot grant as a PI in the previous three years. Although new investigators are encouraged to apply, funds are not intended to replace new faculty start-up funds.

  • Successful pilot funding recipients are strongly encouraged (and may be required depending on policies associated with the pilot funding mechanisms)  to participate in research development/mentoring opportunities designed to increase the quality of subsequent grant proposals.


  • Faculty applying for the $5000 Small Grant awards should submit a completed application (see KSU Institutes' Small ($5000) Grant Support Request form) to the Small Grant Application Portal by the published deadline.

  • Three institute-specific reviewers will review/rank applications and provide recommendations to the Institute leadership, who will decide which applications will be funded.

  • If the applicant is selected for funding by the  Institute and requested URC supplemental funding, the application will be reviewed by the URC. Whether or not the URC approves a supplemental budget, institutional funding will still be provided.

  • If the application is not selected for funding by the Institute, the applicant may still apply to the URC for funding.



Pilot funds are an investment in a faculty member's scholarship, and there is a return on this investment expected. Whereas this is often thought of as pilot data leading to an externally funded grant proposal, outcomes differ depending on faculty member's discipline. All recipients of pilot funding (regardless of source or amount) will complete a semi-annual report (no more than 2-pages) until the outcome/deliverable is achieved (e.g., external grant submitted, the performance conducted, etc.). Failure to complete the semi-annual project reports or fulfill the promised deliverables associated with the funding (external grant proposal, book, manuscript, artistic endeavor, etc.) will be a barrier to applying for any subsequent institutional level pilot funding.

Semi-annual reports (see KSU Institutional-Level Pilot Funding Semi-Annual Report) should summarize:

  • Progress made on your stated goals/proposed outcomes/deliverables for this pilot funding.

  • Impact of the Award on scholarship (Presentations, publications, or grant submissions linked to Award)

  • Other tangible outcomes that provide evidence of scholarly success include commercial impact/viability.

  • Engagement of students and public

  • Plans related to this Award

Don't hesitate to contact HCRI if you have questions about the Small Grant Program at HCRI@kent.edu