2020-2021 History Department Calendar

August 20

Program Review

New Graduate Student Orientation (College of A&S)


August 21

Program Review—Continuing Graduate Students Meet with Review Committee Remotely (10:15 to 11:00)

New Graduate Student Orientation (College of A&S)


August 23

Zoom History Department Social to Welcome New Graduate Students (2-4 pm)


August 24

Zoom History Department Graduate Student Orientation (9-11 am)


August 27

Classes Begin


August 28

Faculty Meeting, 10 to 11:30 am


September 2 Graduate Student Workshop: Building a C.V. That Works (12-1 pm)


September 4

Deadline for MA and PhD Candidates to Apply for Fall Graduation


September 7

Labor Day (no class)


September 16

Racial Justice Lunch Series (12-1 pm). Professor Elizabeth Smith-Pryor will lead a discussion of Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, "Decolonization is not a Metaphor" in Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society 1:1 (2012) 1-40.


September 25

Faculty Meeting, 10-11:30 am


October 5 

Deadline to Request a Graduate Faculty Representative for Doctoral Students for December Graduation


October 14

Graduate Student Workshop: Applying to Conferences and Grants


October 21

Racial Justice Lunch Series (12-1 pm). Professor Richard Steigmann-Gall will be leading a discussion of [TBA]


October 30

Faculty Meeting 10-11:30 am


November 6 

Final Date for Oral Examination for Masters and Doctoral Degree Candidates for December Graduation


November 11

Veterans Day (no class)


November 18

Graduate Student Workshop: Managing Your Time (12-1 pm)


November 20 

First Attempt Submission to OhioLink for December Graduation


November 23-29

Thanksgiving Break (no class)


November 30

Fall Classes Resume in Remote Delivery


Deadline for Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation to be Filed in the College for December Graduation


December 4

Final Faculty Meeting of Fall Semester 10-11:30 am


December 13

Fall Classes End


December 18 

Advance Degree Commencement


January 15

Spring Graduate Student Orientation (College of A&S)


January 19 Spring Classes Begin


January 29

First Faculty Meeting of Spring Semester (10:30 am)

Deadline for MA and PhD Candidates to Apply for May Graduation


February 3

Racial Justice Lunch Series (12-1 pm). [cancelled]


February 17
Graduate Student Workshop: Creating and Maintaining Your Professional Network


Feb 26

Faculty Meeting (10:30 am)


March 10
Graduate Student Workshop: The Job Market (12-1 pm)


March 26
Faculty Meeting (10:30 am)

April 6

Brian Hayashi Book Talk, 12-1 pm

April 12-18

Spring Break

April 28


Ann Heiss Book Talk 12-1 pm

May 4

Spring Classes End

May 7

Faculty Meeting (10:30 am)