Achievements 2011: Department of Philosophy

Recent research conducted by Department of Philosophy faculty members includes one book and four journal articles or book chapters.  

Deborah Barnbaum, Professor of Philosophy  

Barnbaum, Deborah. "Aesthetics and Artists with Autism."  Returning as a featured speaker at Kanazawa University (Japan) in March 2012.  

Barnbaum, Deborah. The Ethics of Autism: Among Them, but Not of Them (Indiana University Press, 2008) is presently under contract for Japanese translation.   

Michael Byron, Associate Professor of Philosophy   

Byron, Michael. "Evidentiary Fallacies and Empirical Data." American Philosophical Quarterly 49 (2012): 175–182.   

Kimberly Garchar, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Stark Campus)

Garchar, Kimberly. "Sin, Sorrow, and Suffering: A Graceful and Roycean Response to these Deeper Tragedies of Life." The American Journal of Theology and Philosophy 33.1 (January 2012): 57-73.   

Richmond Moeller, J., Albanese, T.H., Garchar, K., Aultman, J.M., Radwany, S. and Frate, D. "Functions and Outcomes of a Clinical Medical Ethics Committee: A Review of 100 Consults," The co-authors are all members of the Ethics Committee (EC) at Summa Health System's (SHS) Akron City Hospital.  Published on line in HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum: An Interprofessional Journal on Healthcare Institutions' Ethical and Legal Issues, Springer Science+Business Media B.V., February 1, 2012.

Frank Ryan, Associate Professor of Philosophy   

Ryan, Frank. Seeing Together: Mind, Matter, and the Experimental Outlook of John Dewey and Arthur F. Bentley. Great Barrington, MA: American Institute for Economic Research, 2011.    

  • The work is distributed to all AIER subscribers and will serve as the textbook for the Summer Methodology Graduate Seminar (to be taught by Prof. Ryan) at the Institute in Massachusetts during the Summer 2012 Session. The work serves as a guide to the methodological philosophy of the AIER.   

Deborah Smith, Associate Professor of Philosophy   

Smith, Deborah. "Mind-Independence and the Logical Space of Wright's Realist-Relevant Axes." The Southern Journal of Philosophy 49.2 (June 2011): 164-191.   

Smith, Deborah. "Rainbows, Time Zones, and Other Mind-Independent Objects: Making Sense of the Relevant Notions of 'Mind-Dependence' in the Debate Between Metaphysical Realists and Antirealists." Open Journal of Philosophy 2.1 (forthcoming  in 2012).   

Jeffrey Wattles, Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Wattles, Jeffrey. "John Muir as a Guide for Education in Environmental Aesthetics." Journal of Aesthetic Education (forthcoming in summer 2012).    

  • Journal of Aesthetic Education is one of the top journals in aesthetics in the U.S.  Muir was an explorer focused mainly on Yosemite and the glacier fields of Alaska, and is the founder of the Sierra Club.