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Kent State University’s Graduate Program in History offers two degrees: the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy.  

Research and teaching have been the traditional goals of graduate education, but individuals can also apply their training in history to archival and museum work, government service, publishing, business, and law.  Recent graduates of our M.A. program have been admited to a variety of doctoral programs around the country and have also secured employment in museums and libraries.  Our doctoral program, meanwhile, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first doctoral degree awarded. Recent doctoral graduates may be found teaching at universities and colleges throughout the United States as well as working in museums and libraries and in public and government service and business.

At the M.A level, our program offers a variety of options for students, from the traditional M.A. to an M.A. degree tailored to the needs of teachers. Doctoral students may pursue a course of study in several fields, with recent America being a particular strength of the program. General inquiries regarding graduate study in history should be directed to the department's Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Kevin Adams,