Minor in History

24 credit hours

Introductory History (12)

A Minor in History requires 24 hours of course work, which includes the 12 hours of introductory history. All of these courses meet the University Diversity Requirement.

  • HIST 11050  History of Civilization I
  • HIST 11051 History of Civilization II
  • HIST 12070  History of the United States: The Formative Period
  • HIST 12071 History of the United States: The Modern Period

Upper Division (12)

The remaining 12 hours must be taken in upper-division courses, and must include: 

  • 3 hours of American History
  • 3 hours of European history(including English and Russian)
  • 3 hours of African, Asian, Latin America, ancient or medieval history


Minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA required. No coursework in your minor may be taken Pass/Fail.


History Minor Requirements