Achievements 2011: Department of History

Recent research activity conducted by Department of History faculty members includes one book, seven journal articles or book chapters, and six research grants.

Recent research activity conducted by Department of History faculty members includes one book, seven journal articles or book chapters, and six research grants.  

Kevin Adams               

Adams, Kevin and Schneider, Khal.  "'Washington is a Long Way Off': The 'Round Valley War' and the Limits of Federal Power on a California Indian Reservation."  Pacific Historical Review 80 (2011): 557-96.   

Adams, Kevin. Review of The Union War, by Gary Gallagher. The Wilson Quarterly 35 (2011): 101-102.   

Adams, Kevin. Review of Men of Color to Arms!: Black Soldiers, Indian Wars, and the Quest for Equality, by Elizabeth Leonard. The American Historical Review 116 (2011): 814-15.   

Adams, Kevin. Review of This Great Struggle: America's Civil War, by Steven Woodworth. Civil War Book Review Fall 2011.     

Kenneth J. Bindas   

Bindas, Kenneth, et al. All Boy Built: The Civilian Conservation Corp and the Construction of the Virginia Kendall Reserve, 1933 -1939.  Accepted for publication with Kent State University Press. Co-written with KSU students Meredith Soeder, Colleen Benoit, Lindsey Calderwood, Michele Curran, Stephanie Vincent, Andrea Houser, and David Busch. 

Bindas, Kenneth. "Memory, History, and Justice." In Democratic Narrative, History, and Memory, 230-238. Kent State University Press, 2012. 

Bindas, Kenneth. "Federal Relief – Now versus the Depression era," WKSU, September 15, 2011. Radio Interview.   

Bindas, Kenneth. Review of Cuttin' Up: How Early Jazz Got America's Ear, by Court Carney. The Journal of Social History (Summer 2011): 1254-1256.   

Matthew Crawford   

Crawford, Matthew. Barbara S. Mosbacher Fellowship at the John Carter Brown Library (Brown University) in Providence, RI.   

Crawford, Matthew. Herdegen Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia (2011).   

Leslie Heaphy   

Heaphy, Leslie. "Baseball and the Color Line: from the Negro Leagues to Major League Baseball." In Cambridge Companion to Baseball.  Cambridge University Press, 2011.   

Heaphy, Leslie, editor.  Black Ball.  Vol. VIII Fall 2011.  McFarland Publishing.   

Leonne Hudson   

Hudson, Leonne. "A Confederate Victory at Grahamville: Fighting at Honey Hill." South Carolina Historical Magazine 94.1 (January 1993): 19-33, rpt. in Lawrence S. Rowland and Stephen G. Hoffius, eds., The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Magazine, 2011.    

Valerie McGowan   

McGowan, Valerie. The Book of Howth: Elizabethan Conquest and the Old English. Cork University Press, 2011.   

McGowan, Valerie. "Representations of Sir Henry Sidney: Authority and the Rhetoric of Virtue." Sidney Journal 29 (2011):  27-44.   

McGowan, Valerie. Review of Culture and Society in Early Modern Breifne/Cavan (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2009), Brendan Scott, ed.Sixteenth Century Journal 62 (2011):  871-73.   

Ralph Menning   

Menning, Ralph. "Dress Rehearsal for 1914?  Germany, the Franco-Russian Alliance, and the Bosnian Crisis of 1909." Journal of the Historical Society 12.1 (March 2012).   

Julio Pino   

Pino, Julio. "Industrial Revolution." Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues. Edited by Craig W. Allin. 4 Volumes. Salem Press, Pasadena: 2011. Volume II, pp. 689-690.   

Pino, Julio. "Latin America and the Caribbean." Encyclopedia of the Thirties in America . Edited by Thomas Tandy Lewis. 3 Volumes. Salem Press, Pasadena: 2011. Volume II, pp. 553-556.   

Timothy Scarnecchia   

Scarnecchia, Timothy. "The Congo Crisis, the United Nations, and Zimbabwean Nationalism, 1960–1963." African Journal on Conflict Resolution 11.1 (2011): 63-86.   

Scarnecchia, Timothy. "Rationalizing Gukurahundi, Cold War and South African Foreign Relations with Zimbabwe, 1981-1983." Kronos: Southern African Histories, 36, (forthcoming, 2012).   

Scarnecchia, Timothy. Travel grant from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Foundation to visit the Ford archives in 2012.   

Isolde Thyret   

Thyret, Isolde. Paderborn Catholic Archbishopric / Paderborn Museums grant for "Missionaries, Saints, and the Christianization of Europe in the Middle Ages" conference in Paderborn, Germany, March 28-30, 2012. (ca. $ 30,000).   

Thyret, Isolde. German Research Foundation (DFG) travel grant for international conference in Munich, Germany.   

Thyret, Isolde. Ohio State University Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies research travel grant for Hilandar Collection in the Thompson Research Library.

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