History Department Scholarships

History Department Awards/Scholarships
  1. GOLD PEN AWARD:  Any KSU student may enter this prestigious writing competition by submitting three (3) copies of a substantial undergraduate essay (8-12 pages with appropriate citations and bibliography) written for any KSU history class held between January and December of the previous year. Contact information, class title and professor, semester and year class was taken are required. The winner receives a gold pen of excellent quality, suitably engraved, together with a certificate of distinguished achievement and a $200 check. Submissions are accepted in early March and the award winner is announced sometime around the beginning of April.
  2. WHITNEY SCHOLARSHIP:  $500 per year, $250 per semester.  Kent campus history majors are nominated for committee review by a history faculty member. The student needs to have a Cum GPA of 3.3 or better and a history GPA of 3.5.  The award is announced sometime around the beginning of April. 
  3. STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP:  $500 per award.  Two (2) awards per year, 1 each to study in Florence, Italy, and to study at the University of Wurzburg, Germany. Students submit a 4 page essay (typed, double-spaced) to the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee explaining their motivation for participating, include name, address, phone, email address, class rank, overall GPA, and history GPA. Student should also include a statement as to how the time abroad fits into their study or career goals, any specific skills that would make him/her an ideal candidate, and what they expect to gain from the experience. Must have Cum GPA of 2.8 or better. First priority is given to history majors/minors, and if no viable candidates meet the requirements, then other majors will be considered. Essays are accepted at the beginning of March, with a deadline of approximately March 15th, and awards are announced  sometime around the beginning of April.

For more information contact undergraduate coordinator, Elizabeth Smith-Pryor.

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